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At ARS we understand debt collection processes are not the same for each industry. Through continued education and research of specific industries, our clients can be assured to get a collection services plan best suited to their business and goals. We proudly serve the following diverse group of industries:

ARS Industries - Healthcare Collections

Healthcare Collections

At ARS, we understand that excellent recovery is a must however; we don�t believe it should be at the expense of our clients� patients. Our collection philosophy is firm, fair, and friendly. We have a vested interest in our customers. Our survival is dependent on the quality of our reputation in the healthcare receivables industry. Our computer system is flexible, allowing us to customize and benchmark our activity to meet your needs and requirements. ARS is committed to helping hospitals, private medical practices, optometrists, physicians, clinics, dental offices / dentists, and other organizations within the healthcare field get the best return, and greatest value.

ARS Industries - Retail / Commercial Collections

Retail / Commercial Collections

ARS understands commercial and retail accounts are complex. They are usually larger than other accounts and involve more technical aspects as a result. We are skilled in mediation techniques, settlement negotiation, and lawsuit proceedings. If you are a company doing business with others, one of the worst case scenarios is that a business owes you a substantial amount of money and you are unable to recover it. Being owed money from a customer is one thing, but when a business you rely on to pay the bills in a timely fashion is unable or unwilling to pay, it can turn your company upside down. Our client list includes construction, insurance, and financial service companies among others.

ARS Industries - Commercial Collections

Telecommunications / Utilities Collections

Telecommunication and utilities providers are sometimes faced with the challenge of discovering efficient methods of getting delinquent customers to pay before they are charged off as a bad debt. ARS understands the need for recovering delinquencies within these industries quickly while retaining and reactivating customers. High integrity and professionalism, swift turnaround, and reactivation programs are only a few of the quality services we offer. We have the knowledge and expertise to get the greatest return, and best value for telecommunication and utilities clients.

ARS Industries - Telecommunications Collections

Financial Collections

ARS has vast experience and a proven process for recovering debts due the financial industries. We understand the unique nature of the financial sector and the consumer�s priority level when it comes to who gets paid and who doesn�t. Our process includes a special emphasis on retaining your customers. From our quick, secure online account submission system to our customized collection campaigns, we offer our clients multiple debt solutions that maximize recovery. We have a tradition of providing innovative collection strategies and best in class customer service for our clients. By following a firm, yet professional approach ARS has exceeded its clients� expectations in recovering overdraft, credit card, secured, and unsecured consumer obligations.

ARS Industries - Government Collections

Government Collections

We have extensive experience in Government collections; we understand the precise issues that can surround collecting debt for municipalities, cities, counties, townships, and state and local governments. ARS employs dedicated software with the ability to define contracts that require specific account actions within specified time periods. If these actions are not completed within the specified time, the management team is alerted before the time period expires so accounts can receive special attention. Existing staff members are consistently re-trained and re-evaluated on an on-going basis. When a new client is added all staff members are briefed formally as to any and all new protocols. We recognize that your requirements may be varied and unique, and we invest every ARS resource not only to meet them, but also to exceed them.