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Traditional Collection Services

Our goal is to recover your money as soon as possible. To achieve our goal, we utilize a series of strategic telephone campaigns and several different text, color, and size letters, during the collection process. If after a reasonable time, the consumer has not responded to our efforts, and the accounts are eligible for referral to a collection attorney and/or law firm, upon your written authorization we complete this referral process. Eligibility may include account size, age, location, and mostly the probability of collection. We always consistently monitor this process and report back to you the progress of this legal matter. Accounts that remain unpaid receive periodic management reviews to assure maximum recovery.

Secondary Collection Services

Our ability to "go to the well one more time" allows us to provide value to any hospital when working secondary placements. At ARS, we can initiate collection procedures after the primary collection agency has been unsuccessful. We typically accept accounts after an eight to twelve month period, allowing 3-4 months for the hospital and 5-8 months for the primary agency. As an added benefit of bringing us on as a secondary agency, your primary collection agency will typically increase its efforts to maximize your recoveries, due to having a limited time frame to work your accounts, and also knowing that an accomplished performer will be following up on their unsuccessful collections.

Pre-Collection Services

Our pre-collection services are designed to help reduce collection costs and improve your account receivables cash flow. Statistics indicate that account receivables are more likely to be collected quickly, and in full, when the action begins early in the collection cycle. These services are highly customized and flexible. The pre-collection services prove successful in recovering money owed by slow paying customers. This service enables our clients to collect on slow paying customers quickly and significantly reducing the necessity of conventional primary collection services although not entirely eliminating it.

Outsourcing/Consulting Services

ARS offers outsourcing and consulting services via its affiliate company, Integrity Consulting Group, LLC (ICG). These services include early-out billing, self-pay receivables, and other accounts receivable which are distinguished as non-delinquent. ICG services are highly customized and flexible so that we may meet the rigorous demands of a complex and ever-changing healthcare market. ICG's goal is to accelerate cash collection on self-pay accounts at a reduced cost. ICG's outsourcing services will provide significant value to any facility�s bottom line by converting fixed costs into variable costs, releasing capital for investment elsewhere in your business, and allowing you to avoid large expenditures in the early stages of your business.